Tips for Using Your Space Heater Safely

During these frigid winter nights, space heaters really come in handy! They are incredibly helpful and can allow you to save money on your utility bill. However, there are some safe tips to keep in mind when operating space heaters.

safety tips
Using a space heater in the winter helps keep you warm, but there are some safety tips to remember! 

We highly recommend that you observe the following tips to stay safe:

  • When setting up your space heater, take the time to consider your surroundings. Don’t place your heater right next to blankets, paint, gas cans, etc. Be smart about things.
  • Be careful that the cord doesn’t end up under rugs, furniture, doors, etc. Also, make sure that the cord isn’t laying across highly trafficked areas. You don’t want anyone tripping over the cord, especially while the heater is running.
  • Only use the space heater to heat YOU! In other words, do not ever use a heater to dry blankets, towels, clothes, pipes, etc. This is basically asking for a disaster.
  • Set proper expectations. What we mean is this: it’s a small space heater. It’s going to heat the immediate area, yes, but it will not heat your entire home. Also, running multiple heaters at once can trip the circuit breaker. If you really feel the need to use so many heaters, you may need to schedule a maintenance check for your furnace. Contact Norwalk Huron Heating & Air Conditioning. We’d be happy to help!
  • Plug the heater directly into the wall. Never use an extension cord because this could allow a chance for overheating.
  • Use your space heater in small spurts. Do not simply leave it running all day and all night because you are cold. Use the heater to warm up the area of the house you’re in, and then turn it off. It’s important to give these heaters a break to keep them from overheating.

For more tips about safe space heater operation, contact the professional HVAC team at Norwalk Huron Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us at (419) 668-2639 if you’re in the Norwalk area or (419) 433-6099 if you’re in the Huron area. You can also visit us online at