Heating Your Home with a Boiler

 Although many people now stick to conventional heat pumps or, in older homes, fuel oil furnaces, boilers are still a perfectly viable option to heat your home with, in fact, there are actually some advantages to using a boiler system!

A boiler system, unlike a forced-air heater, uses hot water running throughout the house to keep your space warm, rather than just hot air running through vents. These hot water systems heat the home with the pipes that are spaghetti-ed around the building underneath the floorboards and sometimes come up above the floor in the form of radiators or baseboard heaters. If there are no above-floor devices to send the heat through the room, the pipes underneath the main floor will radiate the heat through the floorboards, thus heating the room. 

A major benefit to a boiler system is that is much more energy-efficient when compared to a standard forced-air system. The main reason behind this being that water, in itself, is a much better thermal conductor than air, which likely will lose some of the thermal energy as it travels throughout the ductwork in a building that is using a forced-air system. Another advantage of a boiler system has to do with the way that different thermal temperatures react to the environment. A lot of the time when homes are heated with forced-air the air will rise directly to the highest part of the room which doesn't aid in keeping residents warm greatly. However, because boiler systems have the heat rising from the floor, people within the room are closer to the heat source at all times benefiting them in staying warm more than an air system.

Overall a boiler can save home or business owners money in the long-run because of increased efficiency and more effective heating. Consider a boiler system from Norwalk HVAC and visit our website here to learn more!