The Importance of a Clean Air Filter

Many of us that us A/C units like the set it and forget it attitude of having an outdoor unit. However, air filter maintenance is something that should always be on your radar to ensure that you are getting the best performance out of your air conditioner, while also saving you costs in other areas of your home. Here are just a couple of reasons why keeping your air filter clean is so important: 

- Increase the lifetime of your unit: A dirty air filter increases wear on your A/C unit by making it harder for it to handle air. Lack of maintenance is one of the leading causes of A/C failure, forcing you to spend a lot more money for a new unit, then a replacement filter would have cost.

- Better Energy Efficiency: As you see your energy bills rise, you should consider installing a new air filter as this could be the main cause. By the time your energy bills return to normal, the savings will cover the cost of the new filter! 

- Air Quality Improvement: A dirty air filter means dirty air may be getting into your home. More dust and allergens could be entering your home and affecting your family's health if the air filter is not changed regularly. 

- Save on Duct Cleaning: Much like changing the air filter improves the air quality in your home, it also allows less buildup in your ducts. Regularly changing your filter can help keep your air ducts clean and save you from paying for pricey duct cleaning services.

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