Tips to Prepare Your HVAC for Spring

Spring is only two weeks away! As the weather starts to get warmer, you’ll start thinking about turning off the heat and turning on the air conditioning. Before using the air conditioning again, there are several things to keep in mind. You want to make sure the cooling system is clean, serviced, and ready to go. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some tips to prepare your HVAC for spring, and how Norwalk Heating & Air Conditioning can help!

air conditioning maintenance
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Clean the vents. Think about it. The air that comes through the vents and into your home is the air that you and your family are breathing. Over the winter, it’s easy for lots of dust, debris, and bugs to find their way into your vents. Cleaning the vents should absolutely be on your spring to-do list, especially if you have been sick over the cold months. Additionally, a clean vent doesn’t have to work as hard as a dirty one.

Change the air filters. The air filters catch most of the dirt and debris that try to come through your vents. However, you want the filters to continue to do this job all year round. So, changing them regularly, particularly at the beginning of a new season is important. A clean air filter has more ability to catch dirt and keep it from entering your vents.

Schedule a maintenance check. This is where we come into the picture! Before using your air conditioner, make sure to have it checked by Norwalk Heating & Air Conditioning. It’s much better to realize your air conditioner has an issue and needs repairs now. You don’t want to turn the cooling system on one day when it starts warming up and notice that you don’t feel any cold air. Set yourself up for success by scheduling a maintenance check and allow our team to check everything out to ensure it’s working properly.

So, as you start that spring-cleaning list, don’t forget to give your HVAC some love. When you’re ready to schedule a maintenance check, give Norwalk Heating & Cooling a call at (419) 668-2639.