Comparing Geothermal and Air Pump Heat

Geothermal Norwalk Huron Ohio
Diagram of Geothermal heating system
As you begin to think about the cooler days that are ahead, make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape and ready to warm your home or business all winter long! If you are looking to install a new system you will likely be faced with the tough decision of choosing between geothermal or conventional air pump heat, depending on where you live of course. 

Geothermal heat uses the natural heating of the Earth's core to heat your home by running pipes underground to naturally heat the liquids within the pipes to the core temperature of 55℉. This liquid is then sent to a compressor, since that temperature is too low to use as whole-home heat, which turns it into a high-heat gas that is then used to heat your building. This compressor set up is similar to that of the traditional air pump heat, however, the way that they get to the actual heating stage is different, as you can see through the geothermal process.

There are three major issues to look at when you compare Geothermal to Air Pump Heat:

- Efficiency: Geothermal is, by far, the most efficient energy source for heating your home. It's been estimated that geothermal operates at 300-600% efficiency throughout the year, while air pump units run closer to 175-300% efficiency.

- Costs: This can be a tough comparison as air pump units are definitely cheaper upfront, geothermal can save you money in the long run as they have lower energy bills and can also be a big selling point if you were to sell your house in the future.

- Maintenance/Life Span: The biggest problem with air pump units is that they at least have to be stored partly outside, leaving them open to damage from storms or other things. Geothermal, however, is underground and in your basement making it relatively safe, minus the stray tree branch or natural disaster. Geothermal systems can also last much longer than an air pump unit because of this protection.

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