Switching your HVAC system from Cooling to Heating

As the weather slowly begins to cool off throughout the state of Ohio make sure that you are ready to switch your system from cooling to heating for the fall and winter months. We have a couple of tips to ensure that you are completely ready for the seasonal transition! 

- Clear Debris: Make sure to go outside and clear off debris from your unit that may have accumulated during the spring and summer. This may include branches, leaves, grass clippings or maybe even remnants from critters that may have been around your heat pump.

- Change Air Filter: This a good thing to do at each transition from heat to A/C. Keeping your air filter clean in both your unit ensures that it will run smoothly and also keeps your air in your home clean.

- Clean the Coils: Keeping your heat pump coils will help your heater run more efficiently and also decreases the possibility of unpleasant odors when you first switch to heat. This work should be performed by an HVAC professional!

- Test your Heat: This is obviously very important for your important to make sure that when you finally flip the switch to your heat it will actually warm up your home or business.

If you need help with any of these steps or have any other questions about preparing for the cooler temperatures call us at 419-668-2639 or visit our website here!